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Welcome to Leamington Farm Fresh

Here at Leamington Farm Fresh we strive to produce the freshest and healthiest produce in Leamington and the surrounding area. With our regulated irrigation and natural ways of growing our produce, we happen to bring you the healthiest, freshest and most nutrient-rich produce in the area. Come, see and taste for yourself why you should use the vegetables we grow in your home kitchen!

Leamington Farm Fresh has developed to become one of Southwestern Ontario's leading independent greenhouse produce growers. We keep improving our equipment and procedures in order to produce better, more environmentally friendly food.

Mamma's Home Cooking Just Got Even Better!

We keep families and cooks at home in mind when we make strides to increase the quality of the produce we bring to our community. We bring lifetimes of farming experience to the table and know you'll taste the difference. Our fresh vegetables contain no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colours, or tastes.

Vibrant & Delicious Vegetables

You can tell the quality of produce in the tecture, sweet and earthy smell, and colour. Our produce is freshly plucked for your arrival, every time. It's amazing how vibrant and delicious vegetables can be when they're grown the right way.

Because our produce is grown in a safe greenhouse setting, with controlled climate and irrigation, even the fruits and vegetables that are traditionally grown in other climates have the same quality and richness at home in Leamington!

It's not only the food we grow! We love what we do and have dedicated our entire lives to growing the fruits and vegetables that we grew to love in nanna's garden!

Some things that make us unique:

Families & Homes

We taylor everything we do to families and homes. Deliciously homemade meals require fresh ingredients for the family around the dinner table.

Healthy & Delicious

We pave the way and invite you to join us in re-introducing the freshest, garden ingredients in our every-day meals.

Locally Grown

We bring locally grown fruits and vegetables to your table! We are proud to be part of the ever-growing movement of healthy living and eating!


We understand that you're looking for healthy food. It's our passion to provide quality foods to our neighbours at the most consistent and affordable prices.

Why Leamington Farm Fresh Food?

Leamington Farm Fresh believes only in nutrient-rich farm-fresh food. The source of Canada's freshest greenhouse vegetables, nutrient-rich, healthy lifestyle essentials. We're dedicated to providing the finest greenhouse vegetables and produce to our friends and neighbours. Yes, that's you!

The freshness, and flavor of Leamington Farm Fresh foods are distinguishing characteristics that can be enjoyed in every taste.

Come See Us Today!

ADDRESS: 332 Talbot Rd E RR3, Leamington, ON N8H 3V6, Canada
We're Open: Every day, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Hours may differ on statutory holidays and holiday seasons

Our Happy Clients

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Picked up some onions, radishes, broccoli and lettuce to try out. All were excellent and will be returning. Great spot"
- Keith

"Great variety and an awesome walk-in cooler with every type of vegetable you might want. Take a look at the greenhouse and see where that grow. Friendly service!"
- Jo

"Great fresh produce. Worth the drive"
- Barb